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HAIR SYSTEMS FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. Why should you get a non-surgical hair system instead of a hair transplantation?
Men lose their hair in a predictable way, a pattern called male pattern baldness (or androgenic or androgenetic alopecia), but aging; stress; medications; poor grooming, sleeping and nutrition habits; and illnesses such as lupus, diabetes and heart disease can all speed up the hair loss process. A surgical hair transplant can replace hair in a bald spot but will not protect against future additional hair loss around the transplant. A non-surgical hair system is your best bet even if you are a candidate for a transplant, because you won’t have to worry about future thinning or anything else.choice will be yours after we analyze your scalp & we have both hair system ( Bollywood hair studio),Hair Transplantation(Anagen Hair Transplant clinic.Some times fusion of hair replacement & Hair transplant is suggested.If you have good donor hair go for Hair transplant & if you have poor donor hair go for Hair System,Specially if you have any medical condition.

Q. I’m afraid my hair system will fall off — does that still happen?
No, your hair replacement specialist will set a maintenance schedule so that your adhesive and attachments are performing optimally as well as to avoid any noticeable wear and tear on your hair might have to service it every 15 days at home by yourself or any hair studio. 

Q. I don’t want anyone to laugh at me or know that I am wearing a hair system. How can that be avoided?
Today’s hair systems are so technologically and artistically advanced that they are virtually undetectable. Manufacturers can even use a base material similar to what is in a contact lens that is so light and breathable it looks as if hair is growing right out of the scalp. Skilled hair replacement specialists can match any scalp color and hairline (from photos of you) and also determine a maintenance plan so that wear on the hair system never shows.

Q. How many hair systems do I need?
You may hear conflicting information about how many hair systems you will need. Your plan depends on the type of hair system you are wearing as well as your lifestyle. If you are very active, you may need more maintenance and more hair systems. Some hair replacement specialists may say that you need two to start out with so you can rotate them and wear a fresh one while another is being repaired and maintained. Many hair systems are made using such lightweight materials (the heavier the hair and cap, the less natural a hair system will look) that they are disposable, requiring a new one every time, about every eight weeks or so.

Q. Why throw a hair system away when it looks perfectly fine?
You should replace a hair system before it shows any wear. Otherwise outsiders might be able to see a hair system’s hair loss or cap fraying — and you wouldn’t want that!

Q. Does the hair system always have to have the same style over and over?
If you’re adventurous and want to switch styles or colors, you can certainly work with the stylist to create different hair systems, or you can stick with one that represents “your look” time and time again.

Q. Will my hair system change as I age?
Everyone should want their hair system to be as realistic and natural as possible, and if that includes shortening your style or showing some graying, your stylist will strive to make your hair system as age appropriate as you desire, matching it to your changing facial shape, hair color, hair texture and skin tone. For men, lessening the amount of hair to match any overall thinning or pattern baldness around the system also may be appropriate as you age.

Q. Can I have the kind of hair system that is removed at night, or does it have to be attached for a month or more at a time?
It is your choice how you want your hair system to be attached and also how much care you want to take with attaching it yourself. Your hair replacement specialist will work with your lifestyle considerations to determine the best method of attachment and schedule for removal and replacement.

Q. What is the difference between a custom-made hair system and an “off-the-shelf” hair system?
A custom-made hair system is made by molding and measuring your head or hair loss area and is created strand by strand to match your exact hair density and hairline. These are usually the most expensive types. A ready-made hair system can be bought off the shelf, but it will still be cut, colored and styled based on your skin tone and facial shape by working with your hair replacement stylist


We often receive questions about hair extensions, hair, haircare and much more. We’ve tried to answer your most common questions in one place. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact our Hair Extension Specialists at Customer Support.
Choosing the right method might sometimes seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Before you attach your hair extensions, however, it may be a good idea to think about what your everyday life looks and what the purpose of your hair extensions is. At BOLLYWOOD HAIR STUDIO (BHS) we offer a number of methods so you can choose the one that suits you best in your everyday life.       
Do you want a going-out look, something different for a few weeks’ time, or maybe something permanent? Do you exercise a lot, do you wear scarves or hats? Depending on the look of your natural hair, we also recommend different methods and hair qualities. Do you have thin hair, fine hair, coarse hair, thick hair? Yes, the list can be long, but keep in mind that the most important thing is not to answer all the questions, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with your hair extensions, and by considering the choice of method and quality, you can find the right method for you. 

Depending on the hair quality you choose, the durability of your hair extensions. How long your hair extensions last will also depend on the type of attachment and method you used. Permanent extensions can last up to three months, and semi-permanent between 6 and 8 weeks. With the On & Off method, their longevity depends greatly on how much they are used. Read more here about how long your extensions will last.

Your extensions and their attachment will last longer if you give a little TLC. Following the care instructions for your product is a good idea. One great ritual is to try running your fingers through your hair once in the morning and once at night. When you go to bed, we recommend braiding your hair to make sure it stays tangle-free. You should also do this when you exercise and when you think your hair may be affected by the weather. We also recommend that you check your permanent extensions within 5-7 weeks of putting them in. By doing this you can avoid the risk of too much outgrowth, which can cause the extension to damage your hair. Detangling your hair with your fingers or recommended brushes on a regular basis also reduces the risk of knots in your hair and attachments. The soft bristles of our recommended brushes are gentle and nourishing on your hair and extensions. Chlorine and saltwater will always damage your hair, so we recommend using a swim cap when your hair may be exposed to these substances. Another tip is to braid your hair or put it up in a high bun to avoid contact with the water. 

Choosing a color for your hair extensions can seem like a challenge. You may be unsure what color your natural hair really is, or you might be wondering what color actually suits you best. At BHS we’ve tried to make the choice as easy as possible for you. We offer a large selection of different colors, lengths and qualities. If you look through the color chart on our website, we hope that you will find the color that is most similar to your own. If you are still unsure, you can buy, or borrow, our color ring. It features all of our colors, labeled and easy to remove to compare to your hair. Depending on your natural shade, sometimes you may need a few different colors and shades to get as natural a result as possible. This is also an option if you want to achieve color effects like highlights. 

Because all our hair extensions are already color-treated and have their unique history, we do not recommend, and cannot take responsibility for, changes in the original color of products that we have not tested and cannot recommend.
If you are still uncertain, you can also take a picture of your original color and email it to our customer service specialists They will give advice and assistance in finding the hair color that is perfect for you!
To make sure your natural hair and your extensions maintain their qualities it is important to add both nutrition and moisture. Because hair extensions do not have their own follicles and always lie slightly away from the scalp, they do not share the same natural oils as your natural hair. This makes them even more dependent on added moisture and oils to keep from getting dry and coarse. A dry climate, also makes the hair drier, especially during the winter months. The two most important products for giving your natural hair and your extensions the care and moisture they need are shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo gives your hair both nutrition and moisture while conditioner seals the hair strand. Using a hair mask 1-2 times a week is also a great way to give your hair that extra moisture boost. The hair mask, however, does not replace the effect of your conditioner, so always end with conditioner. 
There are many different options available on the market for hair care products. For those with hair extensions, we recommend Rapunzel’s own hair care series. It’s formulated for use with hair extensions, while maintaining the beauty of your natural hair. Plus it smells fantastic! If you choose other options, you may want to consider the two main ingredients, or consult your hairdresser.

Hair extensions will not damage your hair. However, hair with hair extensions requires more care than usual. We recommend daily care, along with a little extra care on a weekly basis. We also recommend that you thoroughly inspect your attachments every five to seven weeks, both in order to enable you to enjoy your long hair as long as possible, but also to avoid tangled attachments and unnecessary wear on both the extensions and your natural hair. We also recommend that you use BHS care products that are specially formulated for hair with extensions. They are designed to be gentle to both your extensions and your natural hair. The products contain a large amount of moisture and nutrition, which hair extensions are particularly in need of, and especially if you live in a dry climate  It is also important that you attach and remove your hair extensions properly. By following our instructions and using the recommended attachment and removal products, you minimize the risk of unnecessary wear on your hair.

Depending on which method you choose to use to attach your extensions, difficulty will vary. However, no is so advanced that it can’t be attached at home. A Clip-on set allows you to easily do your own attachment, but it may be helpful to have a friend helpful when inserting heat-set products like Nail Hair. Attaching pieces using other methods is not difficult at all, but may require two extra hands, especially at the back of the neck.  

In order to make sure your extensions transition nicely from your normal hair, we recommend that you have at least ten centimeters of natural hair. If you already have long hair, don’t despair. Hair extensions will give your hair new life. If you’re not looking for length, you may want thickness or maybe color. Attaching colored streaks for awhile can also liven up your hair.

Everybody can wear hair extensions, but keep in mind that hair extensions require more care than normal hair. However, this care is no more advanced than the care you should use on your natural hair to get the best results. Keep in mind that by taking care of your extensions, you’re also taking care of your natural hair. A winning idea.

Depending on the hair extension quality you choose, the price will vary. It may be a good idea to be thoughtful about what quality to choose when attaching your extensions. The slightly more expensive premium hair costs more, but if you know  that you will be using extensions again and again, that hair can be reused. The quality of premium hair is also better, which means that it will last longer. If you go for Original hair instead, you’ll get a more affordable price point with a slightly shorter life span than Premium hair – it’s all a balance.the first fitting.

Whether you have hair extensions or not, there are some things that you should avoid exposing your hair to. It’s a good idea to comb through your hair before you shower. Also be sure to use BHS recommended brushes. Never brush damp or wet hair. Wet hairs are much weaker than dry ones, and brushing wet hair increases the risk of hair fallout.  When shampooing your hair, you can massage the shampoo and cleanse the roots, then let it flow through the tips when rinsing. This will help you avoid unnecessary wear on your ends while still ensuring clean, fresh hair. Just as with your natural hair, you should also avoid using conditioner near your scalp. This weighs your hair down and closes off the pores on the scalp, which can cause hair loss, fungus formation and an oily scalp. This is also not advised when you have hair extensions in, as it may cause your extensions to become slippery, which makes the attachments slide off the hair. Instead, apply conditioner on your ends and rinse; no rubbing is necessary to make sure it is working.     

Then apply heat protection and let your hair air-dry or use a hair dryer on a low heat setting. Avoid rubbing your hair, and instead squeeze out of the water with a towel.  Rubbing your hair wears on the outer layers, which can result in dull hair. When the hair is completely dry, comb, brush and style to get your desired look and results. 

When using tape-on extensions, you will need to wait at least 48 hours before you shower to give the tape time to cure, which also gives you more long-lasting results. When using our other methods, we recommend that you wait at least 48 hours before you shower so your attachments can harden and yours scalp can rest. Wet hair weighs more than dry hair, meaning greater strain on your scalp.

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